Rather than paying to repair a cracked camera after the fact, it’s better to pre-empt a drop and pick out a case that will protect your camera.

Why You Need This

One look at the camera and you will notice how distinct and fragile it looks. The camera of the new iPhone 11 is bumped up from the rest of the body. Thus, it is more vulnerable to scratches and damages.

Various Features

  • Cover your protruding camera
  • Accurate cutouts for perfect fitting
  • Non-slippery material
  • Upgraded silicone material
  • Anti-fingerprint effect
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Our Case

Case For Lens Protection


Dark Green
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Customer Reviews


I love this case.

Breanne Gilbert

What I love most about this iphone case is that it has been so soft on touching and so flexible as a material. And plus the sliding camera cover feature is fantasticccc!

Perfect case!!


Absolutely perfect! I tried lens protecting stickers at first, they slid around and eventually made my pictures worse. Now I don’t have to think twice at putting my phone in my pocket, my cameras are protected.

Amazing case!


This case is really worth the money I spent on it! The camera cover moves smoothly, and the case itself really protects my phone! Love it!

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